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Tennis Club Alcalá began in October 1979, becoming part of the municipal sports clubs of Alcalá de Henares in the course of 1980-81.

During 1980-81 the tennis club had 54 players and has evolved to until 1984-85 when the number of players was 227.

That same year 1984-85 the tennis club is transferred to the Municipal Tennis Club of Alcalá, as an autonomous entity within the club.

During 1990-91, the tennis club amounted to Honor Division of the Youth League Tennis of Madrid for the first time in its history.

In November 1991, a group of teachers headed by Mr. Vicente Mendieta, founded the School Tennis Club Alcalá under him technical direction, the Sports City gives us the Tennis School and restructure it increasing progressively the players’ level having reached in the year 2010 a total of 453 players.

In 2007 the Club received the Cervantes Award as the best club sports and the Cervantes Award of Meritto Mr. Vicente Lopez Mendieta, for his dedication to tennis in the city of Alcalá de Henares

In September 2008 the Tennis Club starts to teach paddle at the Sports City starting with a total of 58 players.

It’s in that moment when is renamed as School Tennis Club and Paddle Alcalá.

In January of 2010 with the death of the club’s mentor, the position is occupied by his son Mr. Jorge Mendieta Peñalver.

This year the Tennis School launches the first bilingual tennis program of the Community of Madrid with the ambitious project to turn the entire school bilingualism within a maximum of 5 years.

This is also the year of the creation of its first Website in order to give to the club the dynamism that society requires, as well as attempting to provide better service to all his members.

Avda. Virgen del Val, 4. Ciudad Deportiva "El Val" (Pista Central de Tenis) 28804 ALCALÁ DE HENARES

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